Case Studies

The Maag Group

The Maag Group was formed through the merger of Maag Pump Systems (which was acquired by CBC from Textron Inc in 2008) and Automatik Plastics Machinery and operated under three brands - Maag Pump Systems, Automatik pelletising systems and Maag filtration systems.

Maag designed, manufactured, distributed and serviced highly engineered polymer and compounding pumps, extrusion pumps, pelletisers, screen changers, filtration systems and high-end industrial pumps and related equipment.

As Maag held market-leading positions in its core market at the time of acquisition, CBC’s strategy was growth through buy and build coupled with organic development driven by engineering leadership. CBC gave management the environment to pursue a growth strategy free from restriction.

APM, a leading supplier of pelletising equipment, was identified by CBC and management as the number one acquisition target because of the commercial fit and the complementary product offering. The merger allowed Maag to become the market and technology leader for equipment to the plastics machinery market offering a one-stop solution for highly engineered pumps and pelletisers. CBC facilitated the planning and resourcing of the integration process to maximise the benefits and identified synergies.

A business unit led operating structure, giving Maag greater customer intimacy and market penetration, was driven by CBC leading to increased top line growth.

CBC implemented, with management, an operational plan for improved working capital management to generate cash for investment into further product development.


Maag was divested in March 2012 to Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar diversified global manufacturer providing products and services in industrial technologies.