CBC Investments

At CBC, we work with companies and talented management teams where we believe our innovative approach and operational experience can add significant value.

Parsons Peebles Group (PPG) are a rapid response, full scope provider of electromechanical products and services globally. The original acquisition in this platform company was of Parsons Peebles Holdings a specialist high voltage motor business, based in Rosyth, Scotland, in 2013. Parsons Peebles has a heritage of motor and generation production going back over 100 years and remains a leader in the service and manufacture of bespoke, "non-catalogue" electrical machines. It offers a comprehensive range of tailored products and services, for applications primarily for the oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries.

In 2014 PPG acquired Preformed Windings (“PFW”) a specialist coil manufacturer with 45 years’ experience in delivering high quality coils for traction motors, high voltage motors and generators. There followed an acquisition in 2015 of Anstee and Ware, leading providers of motor, pump and gearbox repair, maintenance, reconditioning and field services to the water, rail and industrial sectors in England and Wales. Adding further expertise to the portfolio was the acquisition of Taylor & Goodman in March 2016. A company with almost 70 years experience in providing fast and reliable services to the industrial markets, predominantly water industry.

PPG is uniquely positioned in the market in its ability to offer “service agility with OEM credibility”. It serves original equipment manufacturers, independent service providers and end users across the oil & gas, water, marine, power and industrial end-markets. It is well positioned with a balance of recurring original equipment and aftermarket revenues.