Our team has extensive experience in sourcing, developing and realising value from platform investments, through hands-on operational ownership

Our track record demonstrates the team’s ability to grow companies.

Jim McColl, Founder, Chairman and CEO

Fund I

From 1999 to the establishment of Fund II (collectively called Fund I), the Clyde Blowers Capital team made buyout platform investments. These investments were made with co-investors.

Fund II

Fund II closed at £250.1m in November 2008 and subsequently invested in six portfolio companies: Clyde Pumps and Union Pump (which merged on the same date), David Brown Gear Systems, Hydreco (formerly known as David Brown Hydraulics), Maag Pump Systems and Clyde Bergemann Power Group.

In addition to these assets in Fund II, Clyde Blowers Limited provided leadership and management support to InterBulk Group which was traded on the AIM market. Clyde Blowers Capital has successfully exited the investments in Clyde Union Pumps, Maag Pump Systems, Clyde Bergemann Power Group and Hydreco.

Fund III

Clyde Blowers Capital successfully closed Fund III on 27 January 2012. With an initial target fund size of £350m, which was extended to £420m, Fund III was still significantly oversubscribed at final close.

Clyde Blowers Capital invested in 7 platform investments through Fund III; Moventas, David Brown Santasalo, Cone Drive, Parson Peebles Group, Allrig, Keto Pumps and Ferguson. Clyde Blowers Capital successfully exited Cone Drive in 2018 delivering a top quartile performing return to investors. 

As at 22 January 2020, it was mutually agreed by all stakeholders that Clyde Blowers Capital Fund III LP will separate from its General Partner and Manager, Clyde Blowers Capital GP III LP and Clyde Blowers Capital IM LLP. The Fund’s new AIFM will be Mirabella Financial Services LLP. CBC will remain investors in the fund.

Given the relatively mature stage of the Clyde Blowers Capital Fund lll LP, CBC has decided to focus on several new investment opportunities.