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Oil's Fightback

1st June 2018

In the first of a series of insights into the Oil & Gas sector, CBC Investment Director, Gareth McColl, highlights the current trends in the oil market and details signs of market recovery, setting the tone for future investment strategies.

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  • New Factory Expansion at Moventas Officially Opened

    28th May 2018

    Wind gearbox expert, Moventas, will now have one of Europe’s most powerful wind turbine assembly environments at their Ikola factory in Jyväskylä, Finland. 

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  • Pass the Remote

    30th April 2018

    The technology revolution taking place in industrial markets constantly challenges us at Clyde Blowers Capital to think creatively about the nature of tomorrow’s industrial products and services.

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  • The Changing World of Electricity

    12th February 2018

    The power generation industry has seen a growing number of exciting developments in recent years, and at CBC we are excited by the increased levels of investment into the sector as it continues to evolve rapidly.  

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