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Clyde Blowers Capital Hires New Chief Financial Officer

7th February 2013

Clyde Blowers Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Allan Dowie as Chief Financial Officer for Clyde Blowers Capital. Allan joins from ClydeUnion Pumps where he was the CEO from 2007 to 2012.

During the Clyde Blowers Capital period of ownership, revenues grew from £70m from on location in Glasgow, to £400m and a presence in over 100 countries. During this time he was involved in driving forward the Growth Strategy and had direct responsibility for all of the back office functions. 

Allan has responsibility for the continual development of CBC’s Financial Operating & Governance Model and its deployment in the portfolio companies. His main areas will cover include Financial Performance, Growth Initiatives / Strategy and Banking. Allan also sits on the Investment Committee and will advise the portfolios companies from both Board and Leadership levels.