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Digital Workshop Held at CBC headquarters

9th May 2016

Glasgow-based digital marketing and communications experts, Ibiza Digital Media (IDM), recently organised a two day workshop at Clyde Blowers Capital's (CBC) headquarters in East Kilbride addressing the latest trends in the digital arena and made suggestions on how the CBC companies can fully embrace a new digital age.

There were marketing and communications representatives present from all of the CBC portfolio companies, including attendees from the US and Netherlands.

IDM delivered a practical course allowing the participants to practice and implement new digital methods to grow their customer base and further improve their businesses.

Key findings from the course were:

  • An active social media presence is vital to communicate with customers and employees alike
  • New e-marketing methods represent a low cost option to contact key stakeholders
  • Modern, responsive websites are key to the credibly of any global business
  • A strong digital presence across a variety of channels is a crucial component of a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy

The CBC companies have now put strategic plans in place for the coming year as they look to capitalise on the expert advice given to them by IDM.

Kevin Dougans, Managing Director at Ibiza Digital Media, commented:"The CBC portfolio companies responded extremely well to our training and practical activities. It was great to see such a wide range of industries represented by staff from various marketing and operational roles, all with their own diverse skill set."

Tom Sutton, Head of Digital Marketing at CBC, added: “This has proven to be an extremely useful workshop as we continue to strive to improve the digital presence of all our portfolio companies. The team have undoubtedly gained new practical techniques and strategies they can implement immediately into each of the portfolio companies.”